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Monday, November 30, 2009
Where have I been?

   I have been brooding, I have been practicing, I have been suffering with another Yankees World Series.  I have been gigging and I have been composing.  I have been stewing about health care and I have been disgusted at the lack of spine shown by the Democrats.

    But what I have not been doing is writing and that will now change.  Since I got facebook, and then twitter account,s my urge to write in this blog has lessened.  I believe that this has led to a state of depression, slightly below the radar, but palpable novertheless.  There's a kind of anxiety that comes with updating and waiting for responses on social media.  At first it was a kind of dopamine release, but lately it feels leaden.

   So I come back to you, dear readers.  Let's see what we can get accomplished.


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Born in a small coal mining town, I combine the ability to play I Got Rhythm in all 11 and a half keys with my love of washing machines to form a perspective so skewed that my wife insists on seperate seatings at dinner.


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