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Tuesday, December 01, 2009
Socialist, war monger, or both?

   As a lifelong Democrat and liberal I find myself in a perplexing position.  I am vehemently against Obama's policy of increasing the troop number in Afghanistan.   Billion of dollars -- which could much better be spent bolstering our own economy, -- and tens of thousands of lives are being squandered.    This is a war we can never win and we are propping up a country that has an illegitimate government, and in fact is ungovernable. 

   These feelings I have are identical to the ones I had in regards to the Iraq war.  I want to feel proud of this president but right now all I see is a classier version of Bush.  So I am in the unique position of disapproving of my president for being too far to the right, while Republicans continue to malign him as a socialist.  Just how far to the left of center am I?

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