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Wednesday, December 09, 2009
Busy day in the Northeast

   I drove to Connecticut to drop off some computers to my brother-in-laws office.  Then I came back down and taught two home-schooled Larchmont kids (westchester) piano lessons.  Then I drove across Westchester to Yonkers for my regular after-school piano teaching, after which I went back across Westchester and down to the Bronx to visit my best friend.    We watched a great documentary on the Baroness Panonica who was a jazz aficionado and took care of Thelonious Monk late in his life when he was sick.  Now I'm back in Queens.

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Born in a small coal mining town, I combine the ability to play I Got Rhythm in all 11 and a half keys with my love of washing machines to form a perspective so skewed that my wife insists on seperate seatings at dinner.


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