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Friday, March 26, 2010
I'm a Lame Duck New Yorker

In September I will conclude a 26 year stint of living in New York city and move to San Francisco.  I grew up in California in Los Angeles but L.A. and San Fran are very different.  They have about as much in common as New York and Los Angeles do.  So in essence I am not so much as coming home to California as I am moving to a different city.

I have lived in New York longer than I have lived anywhere, and although it took me several years to feel at home here I now identify myself as a New Yorker.  I have paid my dues ó been mugged on the subway, endured the stress of searching for apartments, and screamed at random strangers on the street only to end up laughing and hugging.  I have performed at some of the skeeviest dives, as well as some of the most elegant and esteemedvenues.

The next five months I assume the role of a lame duck New Yorker.  It will become a time of lasts.  I noticed the forsythia beginning to bloom all I could think of was this will be the last time I have a New York spring.  (they donít have seasons out in Cali) Soon I will have my last maddening Memorial Day traffic, my last 4th of July, and my last birthday. 

This year is a milestone too ó I am turning 50 in August.  The thought occurred to me today to combine a 50th birthday party with a going away party for all of us.  That was I can avoid the surprise party scenario and spread the pathos around! 

Right now it hasnít fully hit me yet.  My feelings are an odd combination of melancholy and excitement.  There is something to be said about a new beginning and there are worse places in the world than San Francisco.  It will be difficult as a musician to begin gigging right away, but I am confident that I am too good to remain idle for that long.  Stay tuned.


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Emyn Galad
April 1, 2010   04:50 AM PDT
Wow, Keith! Big step! Good luck in SanFo. Looking forward to reading all about it!

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