Entry: Here's something different Tuesday, December 01, 2009

   I played at an affair for a corporate party today.  It was a very interesting room built right under the approachway to the 59th st bridge, also known as the Queensborough Bridge.  I've done this gig for 20 years running -- it's always the last Monday in November -- and up until this year it's been held at the Rainbow Room in Rockefeller Center.  (another pain in the ass place to get to) 

   After the gig the catering hall maitre D said we had to use the service elevator rather than the front exit.  Nothing new about this to musicians, and frankly I wasn't even that upset since I had parked closer to that exit.   When I pushed the button to the service elevator one of the waiters standing nearby said "You have to find it and.bring it upstairs."   This meaning we would have to go floor to floor until we located the elevator and pilot it back upstairs.  I said 'fuck this' and went out the front.



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