Entry: SInatra Friday, December 11, 2009

   I enjoyed playing tonight.  Sometimes with a steady, especially one with a singer, I get into ruts, but today everything seemed light and fresh. 
 I wanted to ask  what do you all think of Sinatra?  Most people of our generation only remember him from his tuxedo-wearing, larger than life, arena appearances of his last 2 decades.  The kind they would parody on SNL.  If you listen to the stuff from the 40s, and especially 50s and 60s you hear an original artist whose concept of phrasing is practically unequalled.  The way he sings a ballad -- it's romantic, but more than that there is a kind of vulnerability mixed with raw sexuality.  He makes you believe in the song and he makes you feel for him.  when you think of it there's a kind of genius in that because think of the man -- he was a powerful man who associated with mobsters, liked to drink and carry on and he was not what you think of as a sensitive guy.   Anyhow I'm curious because there is this dichotomy in him that I find fascinating. 


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December 11, 2009   02:20 PM PST
Hi Anjelle,

Send me a link to your blog on the tagboard and I'll stop by and say hi.
December 11, 2009   01:12 PM PST
I also find the dichotomy fascinating.
As for the music itself, I largely ignore the latter years of his performing. The early stuff is where it's at. But then, I feel that way about a lot of music.

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