Emyn Galad » Missing you, Keithoe! Keep blogging, my friend.
areev » hi.. i'm blogwalking..
keithoe » Emyn! I sent you email yesterday. (3/7) Did you receive it? If not please email me keithoe@hotmail.com
keithoe » Emyn! I sent you email yesterday. (3/7) Did you receive it? If not please email me keithoe@hotmail.com
Emyn Galad » Hey, Keithoe! How are you? Long time, my friend. Thought I'd renew old ties, as I'm blogging again. Very proud to see my fave blog as the top fave on this site! Congratulations!
keithoe » dawg is right. That happened in the 40s when he was singing with HArry James and Tommy Dorsey. Back then he was more of a crooner in the style of Bing Crosby.
radical_dawg » Frank was an iconic american. Wasn't he the first artist where the girls screamed so loud when he sang that you couldn't hear him sing?
Gloria » Hi Keithoe. How are you doing?
viv » very nice blog
radical_dawg » Nice blog
Ratty » left a comment I really like your blogging topics ^^
beej » Hey you!
keitho » You think I'm dashing?
Chicahuac » Hi, busy, so dashing in and out! *Waves*
mE » NO!It was not the bankers that "ruined ithe ecomomy".as for the bank situation you can hand that one over to the democrates and their faithful pet Barney Franks.
J f Z » Murble
Chicahuac » Happy New Year!
anjelle » Not my painting. There is a credit underneath the tagboard. I'm crazy about the artist, you should check her out.
beej » Yes..McCain. Our views are a little different, but I still likes ya!
beej » Yes..McCain. Our views are a little different, but I still likes ya!
Chicahuac » Hi, just peekin around, is new kid on the block so to speak. Nice blog and writing too.
Pamela_O » I like your blog! thanks for the fun. and you were too easy on Sarah she is a maverick you know!
Debauched » I'mbaaaaack!
fahreal » my name fahry you have respont about my arts please your open my pinture
ChristinaL » It is good seeing your blog on the favorites list again, I enjoy reading!!
beej » I did know that...cause I go to his stadium all the time!
Debauched » I've been fine, Keithoe. Just absent.
beej » up
keithoe » w3rd
AbbyNormal » Not "Leslie", but I knew plenty like her, heh heh heh...
beej » Arizona Diamondbacks !
benny » i will love to be 1of u
keithoe » thanks, D.
Debauched » Tag!
pendoodles » Have a Hardy Hardboiled Egg Sunday!
pendoodles » Scooby Do Be Do where R U? LOL
ChristinaL » kind thanks to ya!
keithoe » and then a week off -- bad blogger...
keithoe » Wow, three posts on March 5th -- a Keitho record!
J f Z » <= Live the dream, keithoe!
nautica_indigo »
nautica_indigo » hi there
Karin44 »
Karin44 » wow what was that lol
gen » hello there
J f Z » <-- Politics for ya. I saw Iowa too.
thecurse » Hey there!
Emyn » Great to have you back, Keithoe! happy New Year!
beej » Happy New Year! Long time no see...I'll do better!
AbbyNormal » Merry Christmas!
AbbyNormal » Hey. Where's Keithoe?
J f Z » <-- Bulky vagina ...
Emyn » Have a fun vacation!
evie » just passing through and having a look-see
bandanafish » Hello... Keithoe (I'm your father's roommate's sister's... ANYWAYS!)
keithoe » take my workd for it...they're cute!
cutepsycho » ei, maybe u can post a video of your kids during their recital?
keithoe » Give me your artichoke.
AbbyNormal » you started it
keithoe » it's a leafy, green vegitable. To tell you the truth I haven't figured out if we're using it as a euphemism for a penis or vagina.
cutepsycho » ummm.. what is artichoke???
Yani » Hi anybody online..?
cutepsycho » ei there..
DivasLair » Juz dropping by to promote my blog. im sorta newbie here..thanks! http://divaslair.blogdrive.com 0
Emyn » i've migrated the TIS2005 to blogdrive! this is my new (blog) home now.
yuni » HI
Emyn » SRP's = sex-related posts!
opudi » HI.....
Dany » Interesting corner
toni » anybody here
keithoe » SRPs? Can you please refresh my memory?
Emyn » Hi, Keith! Good to see you're still blogging. SRP's indeed! Now, that's a new one!
keithoe » If you actually can refer to what the chimp in chief does as governing...
cutepsycho » arent u being too hard to the govt? Nwz, HaPpY EaStEr!
Sean » looking around...
SeRen1ty » Hey! It's meeee, Hemsbacher! I've got a new account Good to see you're still here!
Wendy » hey..
cutepsycho » atleast, she's honest..
J f Z » <-- LiteBrite pr0n
J f Z » No. You rawk.
cutepsycho » eo! *wave*
augustine » Yeah
Beej » booga keithoe!
keithoe » Hi psycho. Your blog will not load for me.
cutepsycho » hi! just dropping by again and see how things are going..
keithoe » Vax: It was Westbury Manor.
cutepsycho » hmm.. peace not war huh..
Beej » I just realized I didn't answer where I was from! Mobile, AL where there are no seasons to be had.
Beej » morning to you
Beej » booga - just checking out your spot
cutepsycho » i wanna go to Las Vegas too!
cutepsycho » *kisses*
keithoe » yes you may, psycho!
cutepsycho » can i also come to you for my probs like that some1 in your group?
cutepsycho » enjoy your holiday! *hugs*
AbbyNormal » Merry Christmas!
cutepsycho » tnx for checking out my site.
cutepsycho » ei there.. umm.. err... it would be fun to see people actually doing that group thingie.. but personally, i wont participate. just enjoy d view.
silent_will » a moment of silence passed by...